Decoding Chris Hemsworth's Subtle Power Suit

Murray Clark
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Esquire

Chris Hemsworth is very much a man of the classics. Not only did he resurrect the linen shirt from its OAP-on-the-Algarve grave , but he's also responsible for some very vintage sunglasses . And, on the surface, his latest move appears to be another clear-cut wardrobe winner.

But looks can be deceiving. At the New York world premiere of Men In Black: International , Hemsworth broke the mould without breaking the rules. What seems a classic all-black suit - something that's enjoying a revival amongst Hollywood's rank and file - isn't quite so classic. It's something a bit different, something that puts the 35-year-old on par with Armie Hammer's doge of darkness two-piece from earlier this year.

Photo credit: Getty Images

We're talking about brocade tailoring: a way to promote the all-black suit thanks to barely-there texture. It's subtle. It's impactful. But most importantly, it's easy . This minor fabric switch-up is much more accessible than, say, an out there three-piece, and can upgrade any formal rotation should you turn to the dark side.

Simply complete with the usual suspects (white dress shirt, lovely, shiny shoes, recently preened lid), and you too can go soft on a big suit move.

Get your own version below.

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