Home Decor Ideas When On A Budget

Home Decor Ideas When On A Budget

Owning a home always gives a sense of pride and accomplishment. And to make it the perfect one you need to have the right decors that will reflect your lifestyle and reflect your individuality. Often, home buyers are overburdened with the cost of decorating their living space immediately after possession. However, there is no reason to be disheartened as there are plenty home décor ideas that can beautify your new home by without pinching your pocket.

Play with Colours

Colours play an important role in creating that positive vibe of your room. It also defines your taste and portrays your personality. Even just one wall of your living room can have that distinctive colour and can be used as a feature wall. Some bit of texture can be added to it too. Bright thematic colours can define the mood as soon as one enters your house. Contrasting colours can be chosen for curtains and other furnishing elements to give a beautiful and balanced look.

Add Potted Plants

A touch of greenery in the living room is always refreshing. Bring in some indoor plants and shrubs installed in solid coloured pots to give that soothing effect. They are not only affordable but also purify indoor air. In order to get rid of the maintenance hassle, you can opt for succulents or air plants that need minimalistic care.

Hang Decorative Plates

An affordable way to decorate your living room is using decorative plates which are easily available either in any antique shop or a home décor store. These plates make those boring walls lively and act as an interesting alternative to framed artwork. Follow a pattern and hang it on your walls to get that simple yet attractive look.

Hang Photographs

Decorating the walls of your living room with family photographs aren’t a new concept. It creates an aura of love, belonging, and warmth. Some quirky frames can add jazz to those old photos and can transform your wall as a discussion point with the photos at the core.

Light It Up Well

Use of light intelligently can beautify your home. Geometric lamps, LEDs, hanging lamps can glam up the entire setup of your house. Play around with various forms of lighting to create focus lights. LEDs consume less electricity and can be used as per your budget. Proper lighting brings in a touch of sophistication to your living space.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are inexpensive décor solutions and give a touch of elegance to your room. It also makes your room look spacious. Additionally it also reflects light and makes the room brighter. Some interesting frames to the mirror can further up the glam quotient of the room.

Install a Blackboard

Probably the most simplistic way of making your room lively is installing a framed blackboard on to your walls and then write down quotes or make decorative designs or scribble an art with coloured chalks. Since you can rub it off with a duster and redo it, every week you will be able to alter the look of your wall which would otherwise look boring.

Beautify the Corners

An empty corner at your living space gives a sense of incompleteness, while decorating them provides a stunning look. Simple living room can look fabulous with improvised corner spaces. A well decorated lampshade or a designed clay pot from your hobby class or a gifted statuette or an old corner table from your granny’s house, and many such things can go in the corners to uplift the look of the room.

Display Personal Collections

A great way to save money is to showcase what you already possess. You can display your collections and spice up your interior room décor. Collections could be in any form – be it books, stamps, coins, sea shells etc. This gives a personal touch to your décor and would also define your personality.

Create a Canvas

A vacant wall is lifeless, make it lively by installing a canvas. Make your own patterned canvas and set it up on the wall, or else you can go for some affordable paintings that can be bought online. A canvas shows the artistic bend of yourself and also can be used in any room of your house. It also catches attention to the guests visiting your house.

Walls speak volumes and can change the aura of the entire house. Innovative wall decors coupled with contrasting bright colours can make your home stylish in a cost effective manner. Being creative yet practical can help you to achieve some brownie points from the guests who visit your house and that too without burning your pocket.